Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2D animation - Golden Street Animation Productions

Hello, and welcome to Golden Street Animation Productions were we provide the best quality 2D animation available in the industry today.  High production quality and dependable service is our highest priority.  With over 200 artists and technicians, we can handle any size project.  We provide animation and artwork for all media formats such as television series, commercials, straight to video, feature films, and gaming, to even smaller projects like book illustrations, website artwork, and so forth.  Our pre-production capabilities really set us apart from other outsourcing companies because not only do we provide high production quality, we also provide creative services from inicial concept like story boarding, character designs, visual development, layout and production designs.  Our production capabilities range from rough animation to clean up, final color and compositing.

Click on the links below and let our work speak for itself...

Our latest animation reel (animation samples)

Character design samples from Golden Street Animation

Story board samples from Golden Street Animation

Layout samples from Golden Street Animation

Golden Street Animation crews around the world during production

Official company website